April Schedule

Due to the  current situation, we are not updating the calendar for the entire month of April.  We will be updating this page and also sending out an email regarding the office schedule


We will be open Tuesday through Friday – regular office hours this week (3/30-4/3).  The office will be closed on Monday.

I am keeping updated with Governor Baker’s office through the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society.

Stay well.
Self Care is important.
Our bodies are Innately Intelligent.

Thank you,
Dr Mary Ellen Moore


“Seeing the forest for the trees” is an expression of PERSPECTIVE. It’s the ability to step back and see the whole picture of a given situation, instead of clinging to a narrow, limited, myopic one. Focusing on the BIG IDEA is necessary to achieving any worthy goal.

We commonly hear newer patients say… my migraines, my sciatica, my fibromyalgia – labeling themselves by their doctor’s diagnosis instead seeing themselves as the healthy people they want to be. Unfortunately when it comes to healing, holding on to your symptoms is as beneficial as hugging a tree and never letting go. You can’t see the forest of wellness if you insist on clinging to the trunk of disease.

You don’t get healthy by focusing on sickness. You get healthy by letting go, stepping back and acknowledging who you REALLY are… an innately gifted human being, capable of healing from above down, inside out. It’s our job as your Chiropractor to never let you forget it.

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